Why Even Pull?

When connected to a yoke, two animals that pull with the same strength are well suited to the slow, earnest work of creating a new landscape. An even effort uncovers a shared vision and drive for progress. The yoke, sometimes thought of as a tool of toil, becomes a beautiful instrument of the freedom to build a better life.



our FARM story

Even Pull Farm is the shared dream of Beth Satterwhite & Erik Grimstad. We are first-generation farmers proud to call the Yamhill Valley in Western Oregon our home. We joke that the farm is "Beth's fault" because she is the one who was originally bit by the farming bug back way back in college, while interviewing farmers for her thesis. In 2013, Beth landed her first farming job and the sickness really took hold. It seems to have infected Erik too, and here we are entering another season of growing! Since 2013 we have been moving fast, thanks to lots of hard work, a little bit of luck, and incredible help from friends we have met along the way.

Even Pull Farm was established in 2014, when we signed our first lease and decided to give it a go on our own. 2019 is our fifth season of growing on a beautiful little corner of good soil we lease from Christensen Farms, a fifth-generation family farm near McMinnville, Oregon. These three acres are known as the old Crowe place. The Crowes came to the Yamhill Valley just before World War Two, and established a small dairy operation. Over the years it has been a dairy, a garden, and a home to many lovely souls. We are thrilled to be partnering with the Christensens and care-taking the old Crowe place.