farm champion shares are sold out for 2018!

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What's in a share?

as a farm champion you will get the very best our farm has to offer each week all season long, including vegetables and our beautiful flowers.

A Farm Champion Share is for the true believers: including a Vegetable Share, a Bouquet Share AND a Dahlia Share, this is the ultimate celebration of a full growing season on our farm. Let us feed you, body & soul!

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Season length

vegetable share runs 22 weeks

Projected dates are June 5 through November 13. For full details about the Vegetable Share please CLICK HERE.

Bouquet share runs 10 weeks

Projected dates are June 19 through August 23. For full details about the Bouquet Share please CLICK HERE.

dahlia share runs 6 weeks

Projected dates are September 4 through October 9. For full details about the Dahlia Share please CLICK HERE.

Share cost


An amazing value for all three of our share options combined PLUS a discount for being an amazing farm supporter/rock star!


There will be one set vacation week in 2018 the week of the July 4th holiday: we will not hold pickup on Tuesday, July 3rd. (This applies to Vegetable & Flower shares.)

In addition, every member will have 1 built-in floating vacation week for your Vegetable Share only that you can use whenever you like during the season. If you choose not to take your floating vacation week, you will receive one free share over the course of the season (pick up technically runs for 23 weeks, so if you never miss a pick up you will receive 23 shares). 

Because of the shorter season, additional labor, and planning required to arrange and wrap flower shares, we do not offer a Vacation week for Flower Shares. We suggest that you gift your bouquet to a friend if you take a vacation week during the season!


CSA Pick Up will be held on Tuesday evenings between 4:30 & 6pm at Flag & Wire Coffee in the Granary District in McMinnville.



We offer two payment plan options: you can pay in full (one lump sum) or break it up into two payments.

Your spot is secured when we receive your payment in full OR your deposit if you choose the two payment plan. The balance on your share is due no later than May 15th. 


  • Pay with a check: $835. $25 savings! 
  • Pay online: $860. We charge a small (3%) fee to cover our credit card processing costs.


  • Pay with a check: DEPOSIT is $460. BALANCE is $400 due by May 15th. $20 savings for paying with a check!
  • Pay online: DEPOSIT is $485. BALANCE is $400 due by May 15th. We charge a small (3%) fee to cover our credit card processing costs. 

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