The first crop.

It's hard to believe that nearly a month has passed since we officially signed our lease. In that short time, we have been busy getting our first crop of the 2015 growing season in the ground; walking the field and discussing layout, irrigation systems, and the turning radius of tractors; and building out our website and social media platforms in preparation for opening CSA sign ups on January 1st! To get the announcement when CSA sign ups open, be sure to join our email list!

Garlic is one of our very favorite crops: delicious to eat, endlessly useful in the kitchen, beautiful in the field, and one of the few crops that will happily grow all through the winter. In fact, the cloves that we planted this fall will continue to grow until June, spending more than six months in the soil before we harvest! It is so exciting to be planting our own garlic, pushing those cloves into the mud knowing that they will feed many wonderful people in our community and also become the seed stock for our farm's garlic many years into the future.

Back in October, I got a chance to visit a farmer friend, Sarah from SuperNatural, and help her plant her garlic crop. Sarah grows an awesome variety of beautiful garlic, and was kind enough to gift me with some extra bulbs she had on hand. We are so thrilled to begin our first season farming with seed from friends! Thanks Sarah! (We also purchased some seed from our friends down the valley at Adaptive Seeds. Thanks Sarah & Andrew!)

Now that the garlic is tucked into the ground and mulched to protect it from the pounding rain and cold, we are turning our focus to planning for 2015. There is so much work to be done before we plant the first seeds of the season. We have been chipping away at our lists: buying some of our first equipment, meeting with potential clients, debating and refining CSA structures, and starting to sketch out the ideas that will become our crop plan. Winter may be the "off" season for farmers, but it sure is a busy one.

Your farmers,

Beth & Erik