Can I visit the farm?

Our farm is not open to the public. We are a working farm run by a small crew, and thus spend all of our time working hard in the fields, attending markets and making deliveries. We aren't able to accommodate farm visits. We do try to host a special event or two each year where we invite folks to visit the farm. To hear about such events, please join our email list.

We ask that you respect our privacy and our workplace but not showing up at the farm uninvited. Thank you!


How do I learn more about your CSA?

You click right here!


are you hiring?

If we are currently hiring, we will post information here on our website. Please check back!


Can i volunteer on the farm?

We are limited in our ability to use volunteers due to liability concerns. We would encourage you to contact nonprofit farming organizations like Luscher Farm or Zenger Farm if you are interested in volunteering on a farm. 


Do you offer u-pick?

We do not offer u-pick. You can purchase our products at various locations during the season (please visit the Where To Find Us page for more info).