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What's in a share?

our flower csa offers you the very best of what's in bloom each week on our farm.

Our flower shares bring the ephemeral beauty of the seasons right into your home. Whether it is a gorgeous mixed bouquet or a bunch of perfect fall dahlias, flowers are sure to bring you joy on the daily. We truly believe that beauty is a wonderful form of nourishment in this crazy world, and we hope that our blooms will nourish you too, heart and soul.

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share options

we are offering two shares in 2018: a bouquet share & a dahlia share.

The Bouquet Share will consist of 10 weeks of beautiful mixed bouquets, featuring all of the most beautiful blooms from our flower fields each week. Ingredients in your bouquets will shift as the seasons change, reflecting the ephemeral beauty of spring, summer & fall. 

The Dahlia Share will include 6 weeks of incredible dahlia blooms. These irresistible blooms are arresting in their beauty and their season is oh-so fleeting. We are thrilled to showcase them this season by offering 6 weeks of dahlia bunches in a variety of colors, shapes, & sizes. 

season length

bouquet share

Join us for 10 weeks of beautiful mixed bouquets. Projected pick up dates are June 19th - August 28th. 

Dahlia Share

Join us for 6 weeks of incredible dahlia blooms. Projected pick up dates are September 4 - October 9th.

CSA Pick Up

CSA Pick Up will be held on Tuesday evenings between 4:30 & 6pm at Flag & Wire Coffee in the Granary District in McMinnville.


There will be one set vacation week in 2018 the week of the July 4th holiday: we will not hold pickup on Tuesday, July 3rd.

Because of the shorter season, additional labor, and planning required to arrange and wrap flower shares, we do not offer a floating vacation week for Flower Shares. We suggest that you gift your bouquet to a friend if you take a vacation week during the season!

share cost

bouquet share: SOLD OUT!

Dahlia share: $115.



For Bouquet Shares we are offering two payment plan options: you can pay in full (one lump sum) or break it up into two payments. Dahlia Shares are single payment only.

Your spot is secured when we receive your payment in full OR your deposit if you choose the two payment plan. The balance on your share is due no later than May 15th. 


bouquet share

  • SOLD OUT for the season!

Dahlia Share

  • Pay with a check: $115. $6 savings!

  • Pay online: $120. We charge a small (3%) fee to cover our credit card processing costs.

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We need beauty because it makes us ache to be worthy of it.
— Mary Oliver