At Even Pull Farm we believe that beauty is just as important a form of nourishment as vitamins and minerals. Thus, we grow flowers.

sign ups are closed for 2017. you can join our waiting list here!

What's in a share?

Each week our flower shares will bring the best seasonal blooms from our field to your home. There will be a range of blooms available through the season, starting with snapdragons, nigella, and other cooler season flowers and proceeding on into sunflowers, zinnias, and other favorite main season blooms, wrapping up the year with dahlias, snapdragons and more fall blooms. We also grow a range of foliage and use edible elements for our bouquet shares. For a list of the flower varieties we will be growing, click here! Our bouquet share members take priority over all of our other outlets for selling flowers: you get the pick of the field, and every bouquet is arranged with love and care.

season length

In 2017 we will be offering Weekly and Bi-Weekly share options, running roughly from mid June to the first week of October (16 weeks).

Projected Start Date is June 20th.

share options

Receive weekly or biweekly bouquets this season through our unique floral CSA program!

Weekly Bouquet Share: This share consists of one beautifully arranged bouquet every week of our flower growing season. You will enjoy the full range of flowers available through Spring, Summer and Fall, and get to watch the seasons and color palate shift throughout the year. Bouquets will include flowers, foliage, edibles, and other unique elements depending on the season. 16 weeks of flowers!

Bi-Weekly Bouquet Share: This share consists of one beautifully arranged bouquet every-other week through our flower growing season. Bi-weekly pickup allows you to enjoy a full season of flowers at a lower price point. Our flowers typically last at least 7-10 days in the vase, so just when your blooms begin to fade it will be time to pick up your next bouquet. You will be assigned pickup weeks by your farmer, and informed of the dates you will have pick up before the season gets underway. 8 weeks of flowers!

share cost

  • Weekly Bouquet Share        starts at $275
  • Bi-Weekly Bouquet Share   starts at $145


Click here for payment information. We offer payment in one or two installments, via check or credit card. Please note: you must read and sign a member agreement before submitting your payment! You can sign up here. Payments sent without a member agreement will be returned to the sender.

Sample Bouquet Pictures

CSA Pick up

CSA pick up will be held in downtown McMinnville on Tuesdays from 4-6:30pm. Location to be announced. Your bouquets will be held in water at pickup to keep them fresh & beautiful for you!