how does the csa work?

In the simplest terms, you are paying up front for a season’s worth of the highest quality, responsibly grown & delicious vegetables or beautiful cut flowers. Those veggies/flowers are harvested for you weekly and brought to a convenient central location in town for you to pick up each week. You will also receive farm updates, photos, and recipes in a weekly email newsletter, as well as the opportunity to talk to your farmers on a regular basis during pickup. CSA is a great way to connect with your farmers, get real food at a great value, and enjoy delicious veggies or beautiful flowers that are clean and safe to eat and smell.

CSA is a relationship between a farmer and an eater, in which both parties agree to the risk and rewards of farming. Every season is different in terms of weather, pest pressure, and other un-controllable factors. Your farmers work hard to ensure a diversity of items will be in each share. As our partners in this endeavor, you agree to help us absorb both the challenges and bounties of a farming season (if the slugs eat the lettuce, you won't have lettuce in your share that week; if we have a bumper crop of tomatoes, you get to enjoy extra tomato goodness!).