how do i know if csa is a good fit for me?

Successful CSA members are food adventurers! CSA is a good fit for you if:

  • You generally like vegetables
  • You enjoy cooking or are excited to learn to cook or improve your skills
  • Can take a little time (15-30 minutes) each day to prepare meals from scratch
  • Don't travel too frequently during the summer months
  • Are willing to learn about some unfamiliar veggies
  • Are looking to building good health in yourself and your family

It takes a little bit of an investment to eat this way, but we think you will find that it is more than worth it!

CSA might not be the best fit for you if:

  • You only like a few familiar veggies
  • Don’t eat many vegetables
  • Travel often in the summer
  • Don’t have time to cook at least a couple of nights per week

The CSA isn't for everyone, and we get that! If you think that shopping at Farmers Market might work better for you, please check out our Market Shares program! You can still help support the farm by pre-purchasing your veggies, and then come to our market stand to choose what you want from our selection with no weekly commitment.

Click here to Learn more about Market Shares