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Here's the deal.

You can use your Market Share credit to purchase any veggies, fruit, herbs, plants or flowers we have for sale at our market stand. We will keep track of your purchases and let you know your balance each time you visit. Once you spend down the balance, you can purchase another credit right then and there, or on our website.

Market Shares will be redeemable during the 2019 McMinnville Downtown Farmers Market season, from May 2nd to October 10th. The McMinnville Farmers Market is located on Cowls Street between 2nd & 3rd St. We will be there every week!

Your balance cannot roll over to another year, be refunded, or be used to purchase from other vendors at the market. If you have a balance at the end of the season, we recommend you stock up on veggies and store them for winter eating! 

We are only accepting online payments for the Market Share Program this year. Once you hit SUBMIT on the membership form below, a prompt will appear directing you to our online store to make your payment. Please do not mail us a check as we will return it to you. Thank you!

Sound like a good deal?

Let's shake on it! 

Your Farmers,

Beth Satterwhite & Erik Grimstad

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