2017 Share options

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Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, is at it's simplest a partnership between farmers and eaters. We open sign ups in January, long before we harvest a single vegetable or flower: you pay us up front for a season's worth of vegetables (and/or flowers!), which gives us, your farmers, the capital we need to kick off the season. We use your CSA membership dollars to buy seeds, fertilizer, potting soil, tools, and more. Beginning in January, we sow the seeds that will become your tomatoes, squash, lettuce, and flowers.

All spring long we till, seed, prep, transplant & tend your food and flowers. Then, starting in late May, we begin distributing the harvest! Members join us every week for six months, collecting the veggies and flowers that they helped us grow. Your investment allows us to buy what we need to grow the healthiest, highest quality produce and more beautiful flowers possible! And we return that investment to you in the form of vegetables and bouquets all season long: for six months of the year!

Shared risk and shared reward

Every year some things will do better than others: this is the inherent nature of farming. As partners in this farming endeavor, CSA members and farmers share the risk and rewards inherent with living closely with nature! That means if a pest damages the lettuce, you might not have lettuce in your share one week. BUT if we have a bumper crop of tomatoes or sweet peppers, we share that with you as well! Happily, we grow a wide variety of things, meaning your share will be diverse and bountiful no matter what the farming gods throw at us.

Additionally, because you take a risk and make a big commitment by joining the CSA, we give you roughly 20% off of our Farmers Market prices. This is a huge value! We know that the CSA is a big commitment for you in terms of money, time, and effort, and we want to return that commitment in turn. 

We love the csa!

By joining the CSA you truly become a member of our farm family. We will see each other every week for half of a year, will chat about what's going on at the farm, what to do with a bumper crop of tomatoes, recipe successes, what the kids are up to... We truly love getting to know our members, and feel lucky to be a part of your lives and honored to be feeding your families. The CSA is truly the backbone of our farm, and without it we could not do what we do. So thank you!

Why join?

Health  Nothing is better for your health than eating real food! You can have the confidence that these delicious fruits and veggies are grown and harvested so they are as high in micronutrients possible. They are also free of pesticides and herbicides.

Flavor  A truly delicious carrot just pulled from the soil or a juicy sun-ripened high summer tomato... these things are life changing. Or at least they have been for us!

Abundance   There is no better way to enjoy the seasonal bounty of from a local farm! Every week your share will be full of the best & freshest goodness we offer.

Value  CSA offers an incredible value: each week you receive an delicious selection of veggies to feed your family, all for just $7-9 per person per week. This is a steal of a deal for high quality, fresh, organically grown veggies.

Variety  We work hard to ensure each week's share includes familiar veggies like lettuce, kale, and carrots, as well as a few fun and less-familiar items like fennel, beets, and chicory.

Seasonality  One of the greatest joys of eating locally is eating with the seasons: crisp roots & tender greens in spring, juicy tomatoes & crunchy cucumbers in summer, hearty roots & beautiful brassicas in fall... You will learn the joy of eating perfectly in-season veggies at their tastiest. After this experience you will understand just how interesting & delicious vegetables can be!

Community & Connection  Every week you will receive an email newsletter that includes pictures, farm stories, recipes, and tips & tricks from our own kitchen. Also, CSA pick up will be at a local winery in town where we can all get together and swap stories of farming, eating, and recipe success!

Family By committing to the CSA, you are signing on to eat real food every week through the season. This gives you the prefect opportunity to make a few meals at home each week for your family, full of delicious healthy vegetables! In our lives full of jobs, soccer practice, and iPads, this investment is a great way to connect with your loved ones every week.