why flowers?

We grow flowers for a simple reason: we love them, and they are beautiful. 

The cut flower part of our farm is 100% a passion project. While food is stunningly beautiful, and we love growing veggies and feeding people, we also feel strongly about the importance of ephemeral, nature-based, beauty-for-beauty's sake in our lives. But more than that, the beauty of flowers is a true form of nourishment. There is nothing like the jolt of pure joy that comes from seeing a truly gorgeous dahlia bloom, or a wild and rambling arrangement. It makes us pause, just for a moment. Helps us be present. Connects us to the seasons, and to the wild natural world that's out there doing it's own thing, breathing just like we do. This is why we grow flowers.

We need beauty because it makes us ache to be worthy of it.
— Mary Oliver


how we grow

We grow our flowers using all organic methods: no nasty pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides, and natural soil amendments and fertilizers like compost, kelp, fish, and seed meals. (This is in stark contrast to the larger flower industry which is heavily reliant on chemicals: see our why local flowers page for more about that.) 

We are very conscious of the fact that our blooms are visited hundreds (thousands?) of times a day by all kinds of insects--honey bees, lacewings, butterflies, hover flies, and so many more. These insect friends are very valuable in the farm ecosystem, providing pollination and eating pests. We want them to make their home here, and be safe from harm.

Beyond the pollinators, we also believe you should be able to bury your face in a bouquet without any worry over what you might be exposed to: our flowers are fresh, have lovely subtle scent, and are totally safe to bury your face in!


Design Philosophy

Our bouquets and arrangements are inspired by the natural world, the seasons, the weather, and what is in bloom at the moment. We love adding wild and edible elements like berries, vines, and foraged bits and bobs to our creations. We are obsessed with color and texture, exploring both through layering and unique combinations. We love to capture movement in each creation, through adding subtle accent blooms, seed pods, and other elements that shift in the breeze.

We want our arrangements to stop you in your tracks, or at least break through the daily rush and help you slow down for a moment. We love twisted stems, heavy, drooping blooms, and little short stems that bring some character and imperfection to the mix.

Flower arranging is an art we are just beginning to explore, and we love it! Creating a beautiful arrangement brings us joy, and joy to all of those who see it. There's nothing better!