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The specific veggies you find in your box will change through the seasons: from radishes and lettuces in spring to zucchini, tomatoes & peppers in summer, on through broccoli and cauliflower in fall. Check out the pictures below for examples of what types of veggies you will see across the seasons!

Each share will contain approximately 7-10 different vegetables. Several of these veggies will be familiar staples, like kale, lettuce, carrots, onions or potatoes. Then there will be a few highly seasonal items: these will be things like broccoli, tomatoes, peas and zucchini. And each week there will be one vegetable that you might be less familiar with. These could be things like hakurei turnips or kohlrabi: items you're unlikely to find at a grocery store but that are delicious & wonderful veggies! We will include prep tips & recipes in your weekly newsletter with a special focus on these less-familiar items. We love teaching our members about new veggies that we really love!

***PLEASE NOTE*** We do not guarantee that you will get any specific number of items or any particular vegetable in any particular share during the season. Mother Nature can be a fickle boss, and we are at her mercy. We (of course) work very hard to ensure that your share is full of awesome variety and bounty every single week all season long, but joining a CSA also means assuming some of the risk that is inherent in farming. If you aren't comfortable with this uncertainty, we recommend looking into our Market Shares, where you can shop for what you want out of our weekly Farmers Market booth.

NOTE: these images are not representative of share size.  They do show you what kinds of veggies you are likely to see in your shares across the seasons!

NOTE: these images are not representative of share size. They do show you what kinds of veggies you are likely to see in your shares across the seasons!

A significant part of the pleasure of eating is in one’s accurate consciousness of the lives and the world from which the food comes.
— Wendell Berry

2019 Share options


WE offer ONE STANDARD SHARE SIZE that feeds a couple, small family, or a veggie-loving individual for a week.

The share will contain approximately 7-10 different vegetables each week and be valued at $25. This share size allows us to showcase the bounty & variety of our vegetable fields without overwhelming you with too many veggies. The share should comfortably feed 1-2 adults and up to 2 kids for one week. If you have a larger family or really go through the veggies, consider buying two shares to ensure you meet your veggie needs!

USDA guidelines recommend every adult eat 2-6 cups of veggies every day! We can all stand to eat a few more veggies, and joining a CSA is a great way to work toward the goal of a healthier diet featuring lots of delicious veggies.

A note on splitting shares. We do allow members to split a share. However: your farmers do not facilitate the splitting of shares or coordinate payment among individuals who are splitting a share.

If you would like to split a share, you are solely responsible for coordinating all payment and pick up details with the second individual. If you are planning on splitting your share, please be sure to carefully review the guidelines laid out in our CSA Terms & Conditions. Even Pull Farm is not responsible for any missed pick ups or payments due to the splitting of a share. If you are splitting a share, be sure to note that on your sign up form & include the email of the second individual so they can receive the email newsletter. Thank you!

2019 CSA Terms & Conditions

Please be sure you read & fully understand the agreement laid out in the CSA Terms & Conditions before you sign up for a share or submit payment.

If you have questions about the CSA, please read all of the information given on the share page and check out our FAQ page. If you have further questions, you can contact us via email at evenpullfarm@gmail.com.

2019 CSA share logistics


CSA Pick Up will be held on Tuesday evenings between 4:30 & 6pm at Flag & Wire Coffee in the Granary District in McMinnville.

pick up dates

The projected start date for the 2019 Vegetable CSA is May 28th. *PLEASE NOTE The actual start date may vary depending on weather and availability of crops—members will be informed of official start date with at least 7-10 days notice.*

From the first pick up the season will run a total of 24 weeks, consisting of 22 pick ups and 2 vacation weeks (see below).


In our 2019 season there will be two set CSA-wide vacation weeks on July 2nd (the week of July 4th) and September 3rd (the week of Labor Day). In our experience over the past few years, these are the most common weeks of the year for members to be out of town or to miss a pick up. You are not charged for these weeks, and we will not hold pick up on these days.

In 2019 we will no longer be offering a “floating” vacation week. If you are leaving town and will miss pick up on a day that isn’t one of the CSA-wide vacation dates, we ask that you please send a friend, neighbor, or family member to pick up your share for you.


  • Vegetable Share - - $575.


PLEASE NOTE: Your spot in the CSA is only held once we have received payment.

In 2019 we are taking online payments only. When you submit your membership form you will be directed to our online store where you can make your payment. Please do not mail a check. Thank you!

Payment will happen in two installments:

  1. A $375 DEPOSIT secures your spot in the CSA and is due when you sign up. After you sign your membership agreement you will be automatically redirected to our online store where you can pay your deposit.

  2. The $200 BALANCE is due by May 1st. After you sign up & pay your deposit, we will email you a direct link to pay the balance on your share whenever is convenient for you by May 1st. If we do not receive your final payment by May 1st you may lose your spot in the CSA.


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