what is a market-style csa & why do you offer it?

How it works.

A market-style CSA allows for a greater range of options for you! Instead of having a pre-packed share for you to pick up, we will have all of the bounty for the week displayed similarly to what you see at a Farmers Market. At pick up, we will set up a full display and label each item with how much each share size gets to take. You bring your own bag or container to pickup & "shop" for your veggies for the week, based on the labels on each item.

To allow added flexibility, we will have a "take one, leave one" bin at every pick up, where you can swap items with other members. So if there is something you don’t want to take, you can exchange it for an item another member placed in the "take one, leave one" bin.

Why we do it this way.

We chose to use this style of pick up because it allows for more flexibility for our members. For example: if you are eating a Paleo diet you can swap out the potatoes in favor of something else. Or if you prefer yellow tomatoes to red tomatoes, you can take the ones you like. We always harvest a extra of each item, so if you are the last person at pick up will still have plenty of options to select from. Your farmers will also be at pickup each week if have any questions about the share, what to do with an unfamiliar vegetable, and so on.