what is csa and why should i participate?

The short answer:

Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, is a partnership between farmers and eaters. By joining a CSA, you are committing to buying real food, improving your health, enhancing your connection to the community, and to improving the environment. What’s not to love?!

The longer answer:

Responsibly grown, diverse, and fresh produce is the key to a healthy diet! Our commitment to you is to grow the most nutrient dense, clean food possible. You can eat with confidence because you will know the farmers, tour the farm, and ask any questions you might have!

By committing to getting veggies every week you’re dedicating yourself to cooking real food with your family and friends. Cooking and eating with loved ones is a great way to connect after a busy day full of work, school, and soccer practice.  Pick up a fork and give those iPhones a break!

We will host our weekly CSA pick up right in Downtown McMinnville. You’ll have plenty of time to swing by, chat with your farmers, and connect with your fellow CSA members!

There is also a strong stewardship component to CSA. We are creating a vibrant ecosystem on the farm. The fungi and other little critters in the soil will work to help our plants grow strong; the plants create refuge for pollinators that are increasingly at risk. We will also be using the best possible practices for water management to ensure that water hungry veggies get enough and our river retains as much water as possible for fish and fun!