We grow what we love to eat! Every crop we grow is something that we use in our own personal kitchen. While some may be less familiar than others, we can vouch for them all being delicious! We work hard to ensure the quality of each crop we offer you, and the best mark of quality is flavor (thus, lots of taste-testing happens).

If you ever have a question about a veggie you get in your CSA share or purchase at market, please ask us! We are here to be a resource for you.


We grow more than 30 individual vegetable crops, from arugula to winter squash, and easily more than 100 varieties all together (this happens because we grow more than one variety of most crops, ie: crookneck squash & zucchini are both summer squashes). Sometimes it feel insane, but most of the time it is a ton of fun to grow such a wide variety of things. The best part is the diversity of colors & flavors on the plate! To learn more about seasonal availability, visit our what's in season page.


Because we are farming on rented land, our ability to invest in fruit crops, which are largely perennial (take many years to begin producing), is limited. BUT, we love fruit, and will be growing a couple of fruit crops that can be grown as annuals (produce in the first year). We are excited to offer fruit in our CSA shares, and hope to have some extra to bring to market as well!


At Even Pull Farm we believe that beauty is just as important a form of nourishment as vitamins and minerals. Thus, we grow flowers. Not only do flowers add beauty to the farm and attract beneficial insects and bees, they also bring joy to everyone who sees them. A win-win in our book! We are new to flower farming, and thus are still building our crop list for this part of the farm. Below is short list of the many varieties we are experimenting with. (*= something we are sure to grow)

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 10.46.15 AM.png