THe Winter CSA

join us for a winter full of delicious veggies!

Our Winter CSA features convenient, biweekly pick up in downtown McMinnville and a variety of delicious, seasonal, & fresh goodness all winter long. The season runs from early January through early April. We love eating seasonally through the winter: the veggies are hearty, sweet, nutrient dense and stick to your ribs in just the right ways through the coldest months of the year. It is truly nourishing to eat close to the land through the darkest months, and just happens to be delicious too!

Read on below for all of the details and to learn how to sign up today!


before we begin, a disclaimer: farming in the winter is risky.

Farming is heavily dependent on weather and climate conditions all the time, but the winter is an especially risky time to produce veggies. We have planned our fall and winter plantings to include as much variety and diversity of crops as possible that are well adapted to the cold and wet season to insure against loss—hardy cabbages, sprouting broccoli, cold hardy greens—and additionally we will be packing our walk-in cooler full of roots, potatoes, and other storage crops to insure against losses in the field.

However, despite best-laid plans, there will likely be some crop failure. In the winter, hard freezes, buckets of rain, hail, snow, high winds, flooding, hungry critters, and a myriad of other factors can impact, damage, or destroy crops. All of these nasty circumstances mean that eating locally in the winter has lots of risk associated with it. As your farmers, we do our best to mitigate these risks by growing appropriate varieties, using season extension techniques like tunnels (greenhouses) and heavy-weight row covers to keep crops from freezing, and by doing preventative harvests ahead of extreme weather events (ie: if there is a hard freeze in the forecast, we will pick out the broccoli to ensure we have some to share with you). We also have limited ability to grow some “indoor” crops, including microgreens and shoots, in our prop house as a stop gap. That said, if extreme weather comes a-knocking, we only have the tiniest bit of control over its impact on our crops.

Some seasons in Oregon we have mild winters, and field crops thrive. Other seasons, we have extreme winters with low temperatures that kill even the hardiest crops (once they are dead, there is no re-planting in winter: it’s just the end of those crops for the rest of the season). Just last year, everything in the field was completely frozen one pickup week and we were unable to harvest any veggies out of the field. Another week they were completely buried under several inches of icy snow. It is completely possible that there may not be any veggies at one point or another, if the weather is especially harsh. This is unlikely, but it could happen.
The crux of it: By choosing to join the Winter CSA and providing your payment, you are agreeing to roll the dice with us, eat the crops that thrive in this specific season’s conditions, and absorb any and all crop losses due to weather and other uncontrollable factors.


Sample images of past Winter CSA shares, to give you a sense of the kind of veggies you can expect.

***PLEASE NOTE*** We do not guarantee that you will get any specific number of items or any particular vegetable in any particular share during the season. Mother Nature is fickle boss, and we are at her mercy: particularly in winter. We (of course) work very hard to ensure that your share is full of awesome variety and bounty every single week all season long, but joining a CSA also means assuming some of the risk that is inherent in farming. If you aren't comfortable with this uncertainty, the Winter CSA may not be for you.

The what’s what of the winter csa

The Basics

Our 2019 Winter CSA will consist of 7 biweekly (every-other-week) pickups, beginning January 9th and wrapping up April 3rd. Enjoy the freshest and most seasonal produce you can possibly get through winter and earliest spring! You will enjoy everything from kale to potatoes to squash, chicories, spinach and roots to the first baby lettuces and radishes as the very first tastes of spring in April. Eating locally in the winter is truly one of the most delicious treats!

The Winter CSA this season will cost $200. To secure your spot, you will need to submit payment in full no later than November 16th. Space is limited and we expect spots to fill very fast, so please submit payment ASAP to secure your spot.

Pick Up Day, Time & Location

Pick up will be on Wednesdays from 5-6:30pm in the Flag & Wire Roasting Room on Alpine in McMinnville. If you absolutely cannot make it to a pick up, you will have the option of collecting your share on Thursday (the day after pick up) during Flag & Wire hours from 7am-5pm.

Pick Up Dates
The Winter CSA has biweekly pickup, meaning you will pick up every other week. This schedule can be a little confusing, so we suggest that when you join you add all of the pick up dates to your phone & set reminders for yourself. You will also receive your email newsletter the Sunday before each pickup, which can also help remind you.

Pick up dates will be as follows: Jan 9, Jan 23, Feb 6, Feb 20, Mar 6, Mar 20, Apr 3.

how to join!

Sign Up Today!
We only offer a limited number of shares for the winter season. Be sure to signup as soon as possible to secure your spot.

REMEMBER: your spot is not secure until we receive payment, so be sure to send that promptly as well!

To hold your spot, please click the big button below, fill out the membership form & submit payment. Easy peasy! For simplicity, we will not be taking check payments this year. All payments will be through our online store. Thanks!

If you have questions ask us at CSA pickup or shoot us an email!